Welcome to SAAS International – Europe and North America’s Premiere Collections Agency. At SAAS International, we cater to all of your Accounts Payable/Receivable needs. If you are receiving a delay or non-payment with regards to your products and/or services delivered, we will retrieve it for you at the earliest time possible. Whether you are an individual or business, we are always there to track and ensure payments to you from your debtor(s). We have been operating for over twenty years now and are well experienced in matters of acquiring payments from countless clients from a wide range of individuals, businesses, industries, and institutions. Our client portfolio is quite extensive and well documented over the years. If you have any payment(s) due, do not delay any more, as we are bound to take excellent care of your personal or business needs when it comes to debt(s) owed. The further you delay in making your claim(s) against either individual(s) and/or business entities, the greater the likelihood of the debtor(s) defaulting on the funds owed to you or your business through the declaring of bankruptcy. We encourage you to report the slightest delay in receiving payment(s) from individuals and/or businesses to us right away. If payments are not made on time or before bankruptcy is declared, we can also take facilitate legal action against any of your debtor(s). Our clients are always satisfied with our efforts and often call us back for continued services. Whether your debtors are old or new, we make sure they pay their dues! If you have any further inquiries or would like to get in touch with us, do not hesitate any longer. Contact us immediately and one of our customer service representatives will be sure to get right back at you and provide any with further assistance required.